What will my child have for homework?

Each night, third graders are expected to complete math lesson, review multiplication/division facts, read either a chapter from their novel study book or for at least 15 minutes, study spelling, and finish any incomplete classwork from that day. There will also be occasions when they will need to be studying for upcoming CKLA Domain tests. They will be provided all the needed notes and information for these tests in class. Domain tests are also open note.

What can my child bring for snack?

We encourage students to bring healthy snacks. Please no dessert type items, such as cookies, pudding, etc. If utensils are needed please provide your own.

What is Fun Friday?

Fun Friday is a weekly reward time that consists of an extra recess or activity. Students are allowed to attend if all their work is turned in and they have earned $4 in their Classroom Cash. If the student is not allowed/does not want to attend, they will be working on missing work or silently reading in one of the third grade classrooms.

What is Classroom Cash?

Each student will receive $1 per school day. This money will be used to purchase rewards and pay fines.

Do I have to sign my student's assignment notebook daily?

Yes, we ask that you do in order to inform you of daily homework and up coming events. This is one form of classroom communication. Please feel free to use it to also communicate with us.

Can students bring in birthday treats?

Yes, students may bring treats to share with their class. Please be sure to send in needed napkins, plates or utensils.

Can students get work ahead of time for a special absence?

Unfortunately, PCK is no longer giving work ahead of time. Your student will have two weeks to complete all work upon their return as long the absence has been approved by Ms. Aplin.